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Bonus in social networks

  1. General provisions
    1. The campaign shall be termed as “Bonus in Social Networks” (further referred to as “the Campaign”).
    2. The Campaign is organized by InstaFintech Group (referred to as “the Organizer”).
    3. The Organizer shall reserve the right to finish the Campaign at any moment without giving participants prior notice.
  2. Campaign Participants
    1. Any person 18 years or older having InstaForex live trading account and real active profile in the vkontakte, facebook, odnoklassniki, twitter social networks (further referred to as a “Participant”) may take part in the Campaign.
    2. At registration, the Participant agrees to provide true information as follows: Participant’s full name as specified on his ID (passport) and in a trading account to which the bonus will be credited; valid email address; and a link to his profile on vkontakte, facebook, odnoklassniki, twitter.
    3. In case the Organizer suspects that a Participant’s vkontakte, facebook, odnoklassniki, twitter profile provided at registration contains false information, the Organizer shall be entitled to request a scan copy of the Participant’s identification documents.
    4. The Organizer shall reserve the right to reject the Participant’s request to participate in the Campaign without any explanation.
    5. By submitting an application for the Campaign, the Participant acknowledges and agrees with terms and conditions of the Campaign.
  3. The Campaign conditions
    1. The Participant shall be entitled to get a bonus (further referred to as “the Bonus”) for being a member of the InstaForex official group in the vkontakte, facebook, odnoklassniki, twitter social network.
    2. To get the Bonus, the Participant shall submit a request in a private message to the administrator of the group (referred to as “the Administrator”). In case the request has been approved by the Administrator, the Participant will be provided with a personal link to a Bonus page. On this page the Participant shall complete all required fields of an application and submit it for the Bonus. After the application has been considered, the Participant will be notified about crediting the Bonus to his trading account and will receive a personal referral link. From here on, the Participant shall become a Partner Participant (referred to as “the Partner”).
      1. The Partner may use a referral link to refer Participants to the Campaign and receive bonuses for referral activities (referred to as “the Partner Bonus”).
      2. To get the Bonus via a referral link, the Participant shall follow the link to a Bonus page, complete all required fields and confirm reliability of provided data. After the Participant has received an invitation to join the group and joined it, the Participant shall request the Administrator for the Bonus. In case the request has been approved by the Administrator, the Participant will get the Bonus and a personal referral link, and the Partner will get the Partner Bonus.
      3. The partner will receive the bonus within one day after the trade volume of his referral exceeds 1 lot.
      4. A number of Partner Bonuses is not limited and depends directly on a number of referred Participants.
    3. To open an account, the Participant shall follow the link: The Bonus will not be credited to any account opened otherwise.
    4. The Bonus will not be credited to an InstaForex PAMM account.
    5. In case the Participant has left the group or his profile has become non-active, the Organizer shall be entitled to deny the Bonus and/or cancel the deposited Bonus.
    6. Depending on a number of requests received, it may take the Administrator up to 5 working days to consider a request for the Bonus.
  4. Bonus funds
    1. The Bonus shall be 10 USD. The Partner Bonus shall be 5 USD.
    2. The standard leverage for the bonus account shall be 1:100 and cannot be changed.
    3. The Bonus funds shall not be subject to withdrawal. Nevertheless, the Participant shall be entitled to withdraw any profit related to the Bonus.
    4. The profit shall be charged from the account automatically as soon as a request for withdrawal has been sent. While processing the request, the Finance Department shall check account balance and compliance between the requested amount and free margin. In case of any incompliance, the requested amount shall be credited back to the trading account.
    5. At ordering a withdrawal of funds (profit) from the account the bonus is cancelled.
    6. In case the Organizer has discovered any fraudulent strategies used on the Bonus account, the Organizer shall be entitled to cancel the deposited Bonus and any Bonus-related profit resulting from these strategies.
    7. In case the referred Participant has used any fraudulent strategies on his trading account, the Organizer shall be entitled to cancel the Partner Bonus credited to the Partner for this Participant.
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