The campaign excludes MT5 accounts

  1. Every InstaForex client can apply for the Christmas bonus in amount of 10% of a deposit. This bonus can be credited to a trading account within the campaign period specified on the company’s website. Besides, the bonus is accrued within a week after the deposit is replenished. The bonus is provided for the deposit available in the account at the moment of sending a bonus request.
  2. The Christmas bonus is provided only once.
  3. The Christmas bonus is available only to accounts with the first level of verification.
  4. The Christmas bonus cannot be credited to the account which has already been used for other bonuses except for 30% Welcome Bonus, 55% Bonus and Club Bonus. Importantly, make sure you have received 30% Welcome Bonus or 55% Bonus as it is the essential condition for requesting the Christmas bonus.
  5. The Christmas bonus is available only for new replenishment, so it can not be received for deposit via Transfers between own accounts service and from Instawallet system.
  6. The bonus can be accrued to an amount which equals a balance of deposits and withdrawals in a trading account from December 12, 2016 until January 8, 2017. The deposit/withdrawal balance should be at least $200 or an equivalent in another currency.
  7. A client agrees that the bonus is cancelled in full after any withdrawal from a trading account.
  8. The Christmas bonus is not allowed for withdrawal. However, all profits gained as a result of using this bonus can be taken out without any restrictions if all the requirements of the Public Offer Agreement are met.
  9. The company is entitled to cancel the Christmas bonus without prior notice. Therefore, you are strongly recommended not to factor in the bonus when assessing the profitability of your trading strategy. InstaForex is not responsible for any consequences of the bonus cancellation including the stop out as the bonus is entirely the company’s property.*
  10. The client agrees that in case the company detects any signs or suspects any fraud activity in the bonus program as the account holds a profit proportionate to the deposit, the company has the right to cancel the bonus. Besides, a profit gained by trading with the bonus can be deducted by a bonus size without prior notice and giving the reasons. The client is aware of risks this paragraph entails.
  11. The Christmas bonus is not allowed to be used for investments.
  12. The Christmas bonus is not available to accounts registered by the forum’s link for the campaign called Bonuses for Posts.
  13. The bonus could be reduced to $1,000 in case the bonus amount exceeds $2,000, and a volume of over 10% of trades is below 0.01 market lot (or 0.1 InstaForex lot, i.e. 1 pip is worth $0.1). The Christmas bonus could be reduced to $3,000 in case the bonus amount exceeds $10,000, and a volume of over 10% of trades is below 0.1 market lot (or 1 InstaForex lot, i.e. 1 pip is worth $1).
  14. Conditions for the bonus campaign could be amended or supplemented without advance notice.

* This paragraph is aimed at preventing any fraudulent activity with the bonus system. However, its applying does not mean that all the accounts subject to the cancellation of previously received bonuses are found to have violated any of the rules due to the fact that in some cases it is impossible to determine clearly the fact of the rule’s violation. There is a 10% chance that an erroneous cancellation of the bonus would take place within the struggle against an abuse of the bonus system.