The NDB-Friends campaign rules (clauses 1-6) apply to the clients participating in the StartUp bonus campaign only. The NDB-Partner campaign rules (clauses 7-13) apply to all the clients owning an affiliate account. The NDB-Friends and NDB-Partner bonus campaigns are fully compatible.

The present agreement is supplement to the Public Offer Agreement, Partnership Agreement, and the StartUp Bonus Agreement. By accepting the terms of the Bonus Agreement, you accept the rules of the relevant offers above.

The NDB-Friends bonus program provisions:

  1. The NDB-friends bonus program is available to the participants of the StartUp bonus program only.
  2. Every client participating in the NDB-Friends bonus program is entitled to a bonus for every referral, who signed up for the StartUp bonus program. The amount of the bonus credited to the NDB-Friends bonus program participant equals half of the StartUp bonus received by his/her referral.
  3. Every participant of the NDB-Friends bonus program receives a login and a password to a separate account for the NDB-Friends bonuses. The access data for this account is sent at the first qualifying referral’s registration.
  4. The account becomes available for trading 30 days after the registration of the first qualifying referral. During this period, the NDB-Friends bonuses are stored on the account.
  5. In case qualifying referrals keep registering after the 30-day period is up, a new NDB-Friends account shall be opened to store the bonuses for the next period of 30 days. The new NDB-Friends account is opened automatically, and access data to this account shall also be sent via email.
  6. NDB-Friends bonuses are governed by the rules of the StartUp Bonus Agreement.

    The NDB-Partner bonus program provisions:

  7. The NDB-Partner bonus program is available for all participants of InstaForex Partnership Program.
  8. Every client participating in the NDB-Partner bonus program is entitled to receive an NDB-Partner bonus commission for the trades carried out with the StartUp bonus funds by qualifying referrals. The commission equals a regular affiliate commission per each traded lot.
  9. The NDB-Partner bonus commission is credited to a separate commission account. The access data for this account is sent in the same email as in clause 2 (for NDB-Friends bonus program participants), or at the first qualifying referral’s registration.
  10. The NDB-Partner bonus commission is credited until the client gains a profit of 10% of the StartUp Bonus. After the client deposits at least 10% of the bonus amount and continues trading, the accrual of commissions resumes.
  11. The NDB-Partner bonus commission becomes available for withdrawal once per day in the amount calculated by the formula: 0.5*LOTS=X, where LOTS is the volume of trades on the referral’s account and X is the withdrawable amount in USD. Lots are counted daily on the account of the qualifying referral starting from the moment when the total amount of deposits exceeds 10% of the received StartUp Bonus. Only closed lots are taken into account. The maximum amount available for withdrawal on a given day shall not exceed 50% of the client’s total deposit by that day.
  12. The NDB-Partner bonus account is not available for trading. Thus, a client can use it only for receiving commissions for attracting referrals and withdrawal of the commission that was transformed into the funds available for withdrawal.

    General provisions applicable to both programs:

  13. In some cases, the Company reserves the right to refuse a client’s participation in the NDB-Friends and NDB-Partner bonus programs.
  14. The Company reserves the right to amend or modify the campaign terms without prior notice.